I spent my early years in a small town rich with cultural diversity. In difficult times during my childhood I learned to escape through reading and fantasy. Eventually those storybook readings merged with friends’ accounts of far-off lands and a Romantic was born.
My taste outgrew the confinement and simplicity of the small isolated town and at age 15 I answered the call of my wanderlust, leaving home with just $12 in my pocket to hitch-hike 1000 miles to the nearest West-coast city.
Those seeds of my childhood led me to many cultures and into many homes and hearts along the way. Writing romantically (sometimes with impish delight) to express my feelings and experiences was an early passion for me.
Throughout the years I have written about love and life’s processes; about events that have occurred and encounters that have endured, and those that have all but faded away.

Slipmatter puts a face and voice to the events of a lifetime that ebbed and flowed; that at times seemed unbearable, sometimes unbelievable, and other times joyful – perhaps even victorious. Events that, whether victories or challenges, have served equally to shape creativity into the writings found here.

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