The Living of the Day

What should I announce,
what should I say
for it does not happen just one minute
nor mere minutes of the day
it comes and comes to prey
my weakness dare I say
is to believe, to hope and say
that in the end I shall get away

Come strange saviour from the dark wherein
I could lay, but alone
but… with painful taunt it lets me stay
among the living of the day

each of you that read or listen
are among those who silently shun
among the living of the day
where of all things I am none.

Turn to blackness loathsome light
release my freedom like the night
to walk obscured lest staring eyes
my non-existence realise

for what would I say to defend
a past that’s slipped away
to leave me faceless in the end
among the living of the day

inside my thoughts so bleak and grey

About the author: Conrad

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  1. Carol Clark - December 1, 2013 at 5:51 am Reply

    Love this one, Conrad… your words are thought-provoking.

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