Tomorrow’s Star

A whim, a coin hopefully cast
tumbles freely downward, through space
into the bottomless well.
To hear the echo of blip and splash is rare.
…’Til now… it’s there!

The energy pulls.
A heartbeat skips then hastens.
Dreams come into view,
even elation floods, head to toe.

Overwhelmed I sink to sit
on the well-side adrift
She’s there, the vision comes clear.
One breath, so fragile, is held.
My arms hang, hands clenched

Yet my mind sees my soul,
reaching through,
a vortex of welling passion.
Warm colours surround me,
sky blues outline rolling clouds;
and she.

Creamy smooth
like Nature her own
tawny tones, warm
murals of beauty through each movement
calm waves
in thoughtful flight

my heart in wonder drinks.
Her full soft eyes
with a smile, telling.
The truth, love is waiting.
In each word unspoken
she pulls me from myself,
craving all that she is.
More each moment.

Around that vision, hands closing
all goes to darkness.
White light through fingers glowing,
letting go…
with a whisper
a bright streak retracts to the sky
to rest, to sparkle, that star.

Will that she shine through my tomorrow.
I walk, heart running, for tomorrow.

About the author: Conrad

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